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Two Year Old Classroom: Bright Foundation


Here we will take a look into our fantastic Two's Program. We focus on the curiosity of the children and begin to set the foundation of  a day in pre-k. Our day is full of teacher directed learning that helps the children learn what to expect from their daily routine. This routine of early learning activities will help support all of the diverse levels of learning within the two year old classroom. Watch us grow as we explore language development in song, creative expression in music, and art activities. As we begin to explore reasoning, logic and math during sorting and foundation math activities. Our day is full of exploration and education.

Literacy Exploration

Each day we set aside time to read together. We set to build a lifelong appreciation for literacy as we utilize our Storytime as a vehicle to begin story sequencing and new vocabulary discovery, Did you know that your 2 year old will acquire more vocabulary within the next 18 mos. than in the rest of his/her life? We seek to engage our young students in this most wonderful time of growth and development as much as possible with literacy based activities!


Imagine having the opportunity to use a drum cymbal, or even a xylophone to play your favorite song! Well everyday there are planned musical experiences in our two's class


Blocks and Building


Blocks for.....

Stacking, sorting, and arranging...Did you kno.w that your two year old is practicing large and small motor movements that will help them with emerging pre-writing skills, Math concepts and pre-social behavior? Well this area does this and much more. We enhance the area with un-conventional materials to support their soaring creativity and imagination as well






Bright Explorers: Focus Groups

Daily experiences of math, color and literacy enrich their activities. Small groups allow assessment of emerging and mastered skills, as well as an opportunity for focused support from teachers and students.


Bright Explorers: Science Groups


Sensory development and exploration are very important to our young students. A child’s natural curiosity leads them to touch everything, thereby learning textures, hot/cold, smell and taste. The desire to explore will help them understand cause and effect and the elements of the world around. Daily experiences in sensory enrichment are a must.

Classroom Explorers: Learning Centers


There are areas around the classroom designated for the children to experience art, science, manipulative play, favorite books and home living. These opportunities are at their fingertips throughout the day.



Quiet Time

After lunch, we have a naptime that allows each child to unwind from their busy morning. Please feel free to bring your child a blanket and a special comfort item.


Creative Fun

In this center, there are a variety of art and craft materials available for children to experiment and create with. In addition, each room has easels that are available to children for painting. Children develop eye hand coordination, fine motor control, and creativity as they explore color, texture, and shape in their art.

Writing Table

Pre- Writing is encouraged through the use of various writing utensils and materials. This area allows exploration of writing utensils and helps us better develop an understanding that our words are represented through print.

Dramatic Play


Modeling positive behaviors, real life scenarios, and mimicking life skills are some of the behaviors they discover while interacting with peers in dramatic play. There are so many diverse concepts that are learned in this area of the classroom. From being the neighborhood firefighter or to being mom & dad. We support the social aspect of supportive play.

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