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Pre-K Program: Bright Bulbs


Pre-Kindergarten (4-5 years old) is a planned curriculum for the emerging learner who may or may not be new to a Day Care preschool setting. Our teachers use the unit/theme approach to develop cognitive skills to make learning fun as it applies to science, our community, and literacy. Our teacher directed language arts development is geared toward the young learner as they tell stories using books, puppets, alphabet letters, and vocabulary skills. Math/symbol recognition occurs in the early years through the use of games, sorting, and finger plays. We will test, compare, observe and ask questions as we explore through our units in science.


The schedule for the preschool classes includes:


  • Music exploration

  • Routine building activities

  • Fine motor activities for pre-writing skills

  • Small Group and Large Group experiences

  • Phonics/Pre-reading skill exploration

  • Hands on math skill activities

  • Exploration in focused activities: writing skills exploration

  • Large group teacher led story time/student group leader

  • Vocabulary building

  • Small group teacher led activities in science, literacy & math

  • Academic skill independence

  • Citizenship/Classroom Prep

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