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Toddler Room: Bright Explorers


Daylight Learning Center: Bright Explorers curriculum embodies the joy of education through hands on "Exploration" activities in multiple areas of learning. We select activities, daily, that will enhance a child’s skills in the areas of social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. These experiences will help create a foundation for pre-Kindergarten learning. Our curriculum creates a healthy balance of education and hands on fun.

Creative Arts Exploration

Each day we set aside the time to explore the arts through mediums of creative expression. We learn all about music and creative expression through planned art activities. From singing to dancing to discovering the colors of the rainbow. We use every opportunity to share the creative arts experiences. We learn familiar songs and explore, explore!

Literature Exploration

Reading time is set aside here at Daylight Daycare. Our read-aloud time encourages our Toddlers to acquire new words as we read simple, repetitive stories with predictable text. Our Literature "Exploring" Toddlers begin to recall familiar content and have favorite books that they request time and time again. Our youngest readers interact by pointing to pictures, making gestures, sounds, and knowing what comes next.



Outdoor Explorers:

 Our classroom learning transcends the four walls of the classroom leading us to the most amazing learning environment...the outdoors! Our teachers plan daily, interactive outdoor explorations. Engaging in a host of games, water play, sand play, books and chalk in our outdoor areas.


Small Groups: Exploration

Each day, toddlers are invited to learn in small groups. During our Education Small Group, we focus on developmentally appropriate Math, Literacy, and Science activities. Through fun, interactive games and engagements, our teachers provide toddlers with an educational foundation for their emerging skills.

Enriching Play: Learning Centers

Toddlers have the opportunity to explore the following learning centers as part of their daily Enriching Play: Blocks & Building, Language/Books, Fine Motor/Manipulatives, Music, Dramatic Play /Creative Arts. Our teachers also create a variety of props and learning games to enhance toddler's learning and engage their curiosity and imagination.

Quiet Time

After lunch, toddlers enjoy a calm atmosphere with soft, dim lighting and a cuddly blanket from home. Children rest on individual assigned cots. We work with families to coordinate this important routine for their child.
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