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Infant Room: Bright Beginnings


This age- group is where it all begins; our infants are inquisitive, curious and need lots of love and attention.  The Infant teachers at Daylight Learning Center and Daylight Day Care are caring, nurturing and focused on creating a safe and learning environment, so that our babies achieve those important milestones.

The physical and cognitive development of each infant is individual, and they learn at their own pace. Our teachers foster learning experiences through observations & assessment, and through providing activities such as Tummy- time, Stories, Songs and sensory opportunities.


Fine Motor: Infants are developing their ability to use their hands and fingers with coordination, control and strength. To exercise their small muscles, we provide them with a variety of materials to hold, grasp, shake, pick up, and pull apart.


Gross Motor: Infants need to move, stretch, wiggle, turn over, push up, pull up, walk, etc. The role of our teachers is to support, challenge and encourage these emerging large muscle skills.


Sensory: We promote exploration of the world around them by providing a variety of sensory experiences around our five senses. We are busy feeling, hearing, smelling and, utilizing the sense of sight and tasting all the time! This natural form of exploration is important to infant development.

A Day in the Infant Room:

Meals & Snacks

We understand that Infants have their own feeding schedules, routines and preferences; therefore families are welcomed to provide the meals for their infants until the age of 12 months and are ready for table food. (Provided by the Center) All parents will receive a daily communication sheet, informing them what their baby ate, when and how much, along with other important information.

Large Motor     Activities

We encourage babies to be active! Inside activities include tummy time, rolling, crawling, pulling up, reaching and more. Each day we also provide outdoor experiences so children can benefit from fresh air and the wonders of the outdoors. We also take babies for stroller walks on our playgrounds.

Care Routines

Hugs and cuddles are essential to every baby. We promote this closeness by taking time during regular routines to talk, sing and interact. Washing hands and even diaper changes become time for close one-on-one interaction. We want every baby to trust their caregivers and know they are loved.

Reading Aloud

We love a good book! It is never too early to start exploring books with children. We make time every day to look at pictures and read aloud to our babies.

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