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School-Age Program: Bright Light Crew


Created with the ever changing needs of families in mind, we plan a variety of activities for the children. The school-age program delivers a great opportunity to help the children to continue the learning fun, in a club like environment. Imagine making snacks, planning trips, becoming a classroom buddy, and still experiencing hands-on activities and Field Trips! 


Our school-age program is filled with varieties of activities and an opportunity to experience homework help within our program.


Research tells us that children’s brains develop best when they have active experiences in:


  • Critical thinking

  • Movement

  • Language development

  • Relationship building (social-emotional experiences)

  • Sensory exploration


We know your child needs a break after a long day of school, so we seek out activities that they don’t even view as learning – they are all about awesome experiences! We also encourage children to take an active role in shaping their experience. We want your child to feel comfortable and welcome in our after-school environment.


Afterschool Activities:


  • Arts/crafts

  • Cooking

  • Science projects

  • Music

  • Talent shows

  • Clubs

  • Community service


School-Age Program Features:


  • Professional and caring early childhood educators

  • Homework support

  • Literacy and character development program

  • Reports on your child’s progress and development

  • Before and after-school hours, full-day options during holidays and summer

  • Affordable, all-inclusive tuition

  • Financial aid programs available

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